Core Technology
JSON-based SOA architecture
Open, universal, unified API specification
Common JSON API interface
Complete Schema validation
JSON data workflow
API DevOps & Management
Generate coding template automatically
Provide cloud based IDE
One-click deploy / rollback
Generate API document and test interface
Manage version, update and client integration
Smart Middleware Platform
Efficient dock to various IT systems, smart devices, IoT and cloud solutions.
Facilitate front-end calls with unified API Sort and integrate data in real time.
Automated Data Integration
Create API for any database
Convert to JSON data format
Clean & Orchestrate data during real time integration
Build workflow to process data
Products that meet the needs of a wide range of businesses
API/IOT Gateway
Enterprise Open Service Platform
Smart middleware
Full API Management
Cloud application DevOps
Automation platform
Public cloud services and data marketplace, DevOps automation and monitoring platform