ApeMesh was established in 2016. The founding team comes from both China and the United States. All founding members have extensive experience in technology management and insight into the frontiers of technology, as well as many years of practical experience in entrepreneurship. Team members have worked for the world’s leading high-tech companies, each with more than 10-20 years of industry experience. ApeMesh is designed to aid “the programmers,” helping them build a modern, automated society where “everything is smart and everything is connected”. We built the new API based cloud computing intelligent DevOps platform, which subverts the manual DevOps process and improves the productivity by more than ten fold through DevOps automation. The core competitiveness of ApeMesh is derived from world-leading technology products, efficient integration of DevOps automation, and complete independent intellectual property rights. ApeMesh's main business is an open platform built from a JSON based service oriented architecture framework. Our products and services consist of a common enterprise API management system, cloud application DevOps platform, API data & service marketplace, and multiple vertical industrial solutions. The user community covers different levels of carrier customers, enterprise customers, system integrators, and cloud application developers. The complete user system covers a multi-dimensional industrial chain, enabling ApeMesh to successfully create an open ecosystem of smart connections between everything and all cloud services.