API Gateway
Access Control
Authentication, Authorization & Access.
Integrated with leading access management solutions.
Supports wide range of authentication schemes, standards and token types.
Key and certificate management.
Monitoring & Governance
Real-time system monitoring with auto alert to system administrator.
Rule based quota management, traffic management and load balancing
Supports message-based encryption and decryption.
Simplifies key and certificate management.
Prevents malformed messages attacks.
Analytics & Auditing
Usage and performance data of APIs
Portal dashboards
Reports on demand
Full system log for auditing.
Transformation & Orchestration
Supports wide range of protocols, data formats, and standards.
Bi-directional data channel.
Content based API & Message Routing, blocking and processing.
Orchestration - Removes operations, multiple APIs or services aggregation, mediation and composition.
Deployment, Lifecycle management
Deploys in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid.Once deployed, we take care of all future maintenance and upgrades of the APIs