API management

Your valuable time should be spend developing your business, not managing APIs. Our easy to use solution puts you in control while we take care of API maintenance and administration.

Apemesh API solution core technology :

• The next generation of SOA technology based on REST and JSON. It retains the same abstract capability of XML based WSDL / SOAP language but offer much simpler JSON format with less overhead.

• Micro-service friendly API description.

• Encapsulate API implementation details, fully transparent to API address or format changes, support API server hot swapping.

• APIs are automatically displayed on app UI for consumption, greatly simplifying the work of app developers.

• Vendor‘s new REST APIs pushed to users in real time.

• API update automatically reflects in app UI. App developer no need to manually integrate and deploy the changed API version.

For API developer :

• Makes it easy to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs.

• We take care of administration so that you can focus on developing new "killer" API.

• Create RESTful interface for existing services to easily to embrace the new API economy.

For APP developer :

• Common implementation model, easily apply to all APIs, regardless the sources and providers.

• Once implemented, we commit to take care of all the maintenance in future even when API is upgraded.

• Better expertise, Better Economic, Better Results.

Deployment :

Phase I: Cloud based solution.

Phase II: On-premise solution target enterprise/private API.