Common Device Interconnect Framework(CDIF)
CDIF is an open, universal and unified model that can define the API interface of all the smart devices and services, providing a unified interface for access to all underlying devices and services, and providing developers with a consistent user experience
API DevOps (Development & Operation) Automation: When the REST API interface changes, the software framework automatically detects the change, produces the API documentation and code, generates the interface form and deploys the new version of the client application. This automation greatly reduces the workload of REST API integration and upgrading.
CDIF has an innovative two-way data channel capability for the REST API. The data updates can be “pushed” to the subscribers in real-time through the WebSocket or APN channels, avoiding the additional API calls for data update. Bandwidth reduction is more than 90%, greatly improving the server's performance.
CDIF supports microservices including automated discovery, registration, deployment, security, extension, routing, auditing, and analysis. It also helps enterprises build web-scale, distributed and decoupled application platforms that are composed of microservices to enhance the overall flexibility and efficiency of IT operations.
CDIF provides a complete data check to ensure the security, offering comprehensive protection against all types of server attacks.
CDIF offers an unified REST interface with rich application scenarios:
API Management : Vendor Agnostic, Service Agnostic
IOT : Device Agnostic, Protocol Agnostic
Smart devices and services integration within the enterprise, and comprehensively enhance the operational efficiency and flexibility of enterprises
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