IOT Gateway
IOT gateway software framework
Connect your smart devices with cloud service applications in one universal gateway, regardless of the device manufacturer and network protocols.
Proprietary design & production from different vendors with competing standards & communication protocol.
The lack of uniform control, access and interoperability among devices from different manufacturers deter the wide adoption of IOTs.
The lack of uniform representation of a large variety of IOTs poses a challenge to service providers.
ApeMesh Solution
Our software framework utilizes our innovative Common Device Model ( US Patented Pending ) to translate the complexity of the IOT device into a simple, unified representation.
All the IOT functionalities can be contained and abstracted into an application profile within the device model.
The device is then presented in JSON format from the API interface of the framework, which takes care of the complexity behind the scene.
All of the service providers can access and control the IOT devices from one single, uniform interface.
Application field
IOT gateway for smart home and office, can support all the IOT and smart devices, regardless of the manufacturers and communication protocols.
The cloud service providers can connect to the gateway, the only standard interface that interacts with and controls all the IOTs inside the gateway.